The Long Shadow of Chernobyl

On April 26th, 1986, operators in the control room of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant botched a routine safety test, resulting in the world’s worst nuclear disaster to date. To commemorate the tragedy 25 years later, National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig, one of the world’s best documentary photographers, plans to return to the reactor and the areas around it to report on the status quo, the progress of its cleanup, and to examine the health consequences in the fallout regions.

To finance this long-term project, Gerd Ludwig is in need of sponsors. We, CALIFORNIA SUNBOUNCE and SUN-SNIPER, don’t want this story to be forgotten and thus support The Long Shadow of Chernobyl with 2,500 dollars and ask you kindly, to donate as well. The project is on with a pledged goal of 12,000 dollars. Donations starting at 1 dollar are more than welcome!

Each donation will contribute to awareness through exhibits, self-publishing, and new-media applications. The first exhibit will open in May 2011 at the Horizonte Photo Festival in Germany.

Watch this video by Gerd Ludwig:

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