Interview: Greg Gorman

© Christian Jungwirth

© Christian Jungwirth

We are pleased to share this exclusive interview with a photographer, who is considered to be one of the greatest of our time: Greg Gorman. He has made his name known with various fine-art figure studies and stunning photographs of film, music and sports personalities.

Greg, thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions. The year 2015 is well under way and I am sure your schedule is filling up quickly. What have you been up to since the start of the year?

The beginning of the year has been crazy busy which is a really good thing! Seems like a lot more shoots are happening and I have had two really successful Gallery openings – one with Christian Hohmann Fine Art in Palm Desert and a large Museum Show of  ‘A Distinct Vision’ in Taragona, Spain at Tinglado Uno, which was fantastic! Shoots have included a Campaign for an upcoming play, ‘Legends’ starring Hayley&Juliet Mills and Maxwell Caulfield, A shoot with Barry Humphries of Dame Edna fame as her alter ego, Sir Les Paterson and my second advertising campaign within a few monthes with Quincy Jones.

We hear that you will be coming over to Europe very soon? How exciting! What will you be doing here?

© Christian Jungwirth

© Christian Jungwirth

I will be offering another set of specialized workshops specifically for photographers based in Europe. In 2012 Atelier Jungwirth, Graz ran a workshop which was a great success and they have now kindly invited me again. Christian Jungwirth organized one of the best classes I was fortunate enough to teach in Styria-great wine country. We had great locations including a very old castle/extraordinary models and the very best food and wine one could ever imagine.  He knows my tastes and my very critical standards. That is why I agreed to come back and teach for him.  Most of my personal workshops are held at my home in Mendocino, California, where I would also encourage everyone to come.  But for those here in Europe, the three classes I will be teaching offer a very similar glimpse into the program I have designed back in the states.

That sounds amazing! When and where will they be?

There will be 3 workshops in total:

10th–14th June, Southern Styria, Austria
17th–21st June, Provence, France
24th–28th June, Tarragona, Spain

Please note: All workshops are conducted in English!

What will the participants be learning at the workshops?

© Christian Jungwirth

© Christian Jungwirth

My focus in teaching is to instruct people how to see and understand light.  Sounds and seems very simple, but it is NOT!  It takes years of experience through plenty of trial and error situations to be able to hone that craft.  That is one of the reasons that I teach very small classes so that I may be able to instruct everyone on a one to one basis and get them up to speed. Secondly, I work on how to successfully communicate with the talent through gesture, tone and proper communication skills.  This is the major area that I find people need serious help with – communicating succinctly their concepts to the talent in front of the lense!  Often they don’t even have one and that is something I try and help direct with them.  Often they have a difficult time realizing their vision or even finding it! Accomplishing these two critical things during the week, I feel I have started my students on their way to finding their own voice as a photographer.  I will supply all the tools they need – models, locations and the lighting and they just need to step up to the plate.

Lighting. That’s our keyword. Will you be bouncing the sun?

As people that follow my interpretation of light know, I light very simply!  Students are often quite surprised at how I craft the light in my photographs.  I most often work with a single point light source and build from that.  Successful photographs are rarely composed of complicated lighting set-ups, especially in the world of portraiture and figure studies.  Once I have determined my key light for example, I will often add or subtract the required light to balance out my image with the use of additive or subtractive fill.  I accomplish this with the use of my favorite light modifiers, California Sunbounce.  Using a white/silver or black (negative fill), I am able to subtley change the nuances of my images.  For example adding a touch more fill in the shadows, or adding a cross light to enhance the hair.  Often I work with a little kick under the eyes with a Sunmover from Sunbounce.  When the sun is too harsh, I will work with Sunbounce’s Sun Swatter with a 2/3 stop silk diffusion, which allows me to be able to reduce the overall dynamic range of my shot in harsh light. These are just a few of the things we will cover during our week of image making!

© Christian Jungwirth

© Christian Jungwirth

We are thrilled to hear that and we are looking forward to the workshops. Thank you for answering these questions.

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(Deutsche Version: Klick)



The SUN-MOVERs are the perfect light canons and can be recognised by their unique, oval construction and the two integrated focussing handles. The special feature of the SUN- MOVERs is that the reflection area can be adjusted to be CONCAVE or CONVEX using the two focussing handles.

Hence, the SUN-MOVER offers three different light qualities: HARD –NEUTRAL – SOFT. That is unique! The SUN-MOVERs are deliberately only available in one size that is sensible for this construction, but there are different materials for reflection and diffusion.

Sun-Mover Spot Effect Sun-Mover Neutral Effect Sun-Mover Soft Effect
When the SUN-MOVER™ is bent inward (the center of the reflector towards the body), it becomes concave and concentrates the light like a SPOT – hard, intense light with minimal dispersion. If you simply want to divert the light because it is coming from the wrong direction, place the SUN-MOVER™ in the neutral position. When the SUN-MOVER™ is bent outward and becomes convex, the illuminated surface increases. The light is softer and not as intense.

ATTENTION: Even though the method of the so-called POP-UP reflectors has been known for many decades, it was perfected now by SUNBOUNCE. This was worth a new patent for the American and European patent offices.


Deutsche Version


Die SUN-MOVER sind die perfekten Lichtkanonen und erkennbar an ihrer einzigartigen, ovalen Konstruktion sowie den zwei integrierten Fokussiergriffen. Das Besondere an den SUN-MOVERN ist, dass mittels der beiden Fokussiergriffe die Reflexionsfläche KONKAV oder KONVEX eingestellt werden kann.

Somit bietet der SUN-MOVER drei unterschiedliche Lichtqualitäten; HART, NEUTRAL und WEICH. Das ist einzigartig! Die SUN-MOVER gibt es bewusst nur in einer – für diese Konstruktionsart sinnvollen – Größe, aber in unterschiedlichen Materialien zur Reflexion und Diffusion.

Sun-Mover Spot Effect Sun-Mover Neutral Effect Sun-Mover Soft Effect
Wenn der SUN-MOVER
mittels der Handgriffe nach innen gebogen wird (das Zentrum des Reflektors zu Ihrem Körper hin), wird er KONKAV und das reflektierte Licht gebündelt.
Wenn Sie das Licht nur umlenken wollen, weil es aus der falschen Richtung kommt, benutzen Sie den SUN-MOVER in neutraler Position. Wenn Sie den SUN-MOVER mittels der Handgriffe bauchig biegen (KONVEX), bekommen Sie ein großflächigeres, weicheres Licht mit geringerer Intensität.

ACHTUNG: Obgleich das Verfahren der sog. POP-UP-Reflektoren seit vielen Jahrzehnten bekannt ist, wurde es erst durch SUNBOUNCE perfektioniert. Das war dem amerikanischen und dem europäischen Patentamt sogar ein neues Patent wert.

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ROLANDO GOMEZ – Fashion, Glamour, Beauty, and Nude Workshops 2015

ROLANDO GOMEZ  -  Fashion, Glamour, Beauty, and Nude Workshops 2015

This is where you’ll find the latest fashion and glamour photography workshops by Rolando.

Click here to for more information and booking form

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Click here to for more information and booking form

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WPPI Las Vegas 2015

Second day – come see us at booth #113

WPPI Las Vegas WPPI_09 WPPI_11 WPPI_12

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Immerse yourself in the secrets of the pros during a weeklong workshop at Greg Gorman’s studio in Mendocino, California. This workshop is ideal for any photographer looking to enhance their camera, lighting, color management, workflow and fine art printmaking skills in an intimate setting, which combines Greg’s passion for photography, food and wine. Working with international models in Greg’s studio and at picturesque locations along the coast, this workshop offers the expertise of both Greg and a certified Adobe instructor for a week. Daily gourmet luncheons, wine tasting and sponsor gifts make this workshop a complete and unforgettable experience.

May 17-22, Katrin Eismann
August 23-28, Seth Resnick
August 30 – September 4, R. Mac Holbert



School of Visual Arts, NYC: Greg teaching a master photography class May 26-29 and June 1-4 to SVA students

Greg in Europe!

June 10-14 Southern Styria, Austria
June 17-21 Provence, France
June 24-28 Tarragona, Spain

Click here for more details on these three workshops

July 8-15 –  Workshop in Lisboa, Portugal – location t/b/d

July 22-26 – Workshop in Kristiansund, Norway at Nordic Light

August 10-14 – Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass Village, CO – co-teaching a digital workshop with Mac Holbert

September 16-20 – Vancouver Photo Workshop



SEPTEMBER 23-27 – Los Angeles and surrounding desert locals.
Space ist limited!

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WPPI – die Vorbereitungen laufen

WPPI 2015 FullSizeRender_2

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WPPI 2015


Besuchen Sie SUNBOUNCE auf der WPPI, der internationalen Ausstellung für Portrait- und Hochzeitfotographen, in Las Vegas am Stand 113.


Der italienische Portraitfotograf Emiliano präsentiert die BOUNCE-WALL mit einem Model.

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“Location Lighting Workshops™” Presented by Rick Friedman

This dynamic, intensive, interactive workshop is designed for portrait photographers, photojournalists, corporate and event photographers, wedding photographers, and serious amateurs who want to improve their knowledge of lighting. The workshop begins with creating interesting light with one Speedlight, progresses through using multiple Speedlites with many different light modifiers, using grip equipment, adding colors to your images and ends with mixing both Speedlights and studio strobes.

To learn about portable lighting techniques that have enabled Rick Friedman to capture his on location, award-winning imagery around the world, sign up and join in for one of his upcoming workshops. One of the key things that he will share in a “very hands-on way” is how to better control your lighting. If you attend Rick’s class, you can plan on leaving feeling empowered to capture great images no matter what lighting situation you come up against! Rick teaches using both Nikon and Canon.

Upcoming Workshop Schedule

January 14-18, 2015
The Societies Photographic Convention.  London, UK

January 16
SWPP Lighting on Location. London, UK

January 17
SWPP A Day at the Asylum. London, UK

January 18
SWPP Location Lighting Workshop Demonstration. London, UK

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Join Shoot The Centerfold seminar March 21-22, 2015 for the latest SUNBOUNCE products and best of photography

Shoot The Centerfold

The new STC Master Photography Seminar/Workshop is a two day immersive tutorial for beginner, intermediate, and professional photographers seeking to take their photography to the next level. This year we have added an advanced session for the most demanding photographers who are looking for publishing and other business opportunities.
You’ll have the chance to photograph some of the most beautiful models and Playboy Playmates.

Here our studio for closer look:

Here the register page:

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